So It Begins

My name is Monica, and I’m too chicken to make a vlog.

I have things to say (a whole list of ideas in fact) and a willingness to voice my opinion where it is not needed. But I don’t quite have the courage to post my unfiltered opinions all over the internet and have it tied to my physical face (that stuff follows you forever, you know?). So now the vlog has dropped the v and gained a b. In other words… this is a blog.

Hey guys.

I’m not entirely sure what this is going to be yet but I expect part journal, part advice, and part 20-year-old-figuring-out-life stuff. As you may have noticed, I’m no writer, but I’m trying to look past that.

So here’s to starting something new, albeit kinda haphazardly.

Stay tuned and get excited. 🙂


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